Livestock Ranch Hand


Attends to livestock such as cattle, sheep, swine, and goats on farm or ranch by performing the following duties.


Mixes feed and additives, fills feed troughs with feed, and waters livestock.

Herds livestock to pasture for grazing.

Examines animals to detect diseases and injuries.

Vaccinates animals by placing vaccine in drinking water or feed or using syringes and hypodermic needles.

Applies medications to cuts and bruises, sprays livestock with insecticide, and herds them into insecticide bath.

Confines livestock in stalls, washes and clips them to prepare them for calving, and assists Veterinarian in delivery of offspring.

Binds or clamps testes or surgically removes testes to castrate livestock.

Clips identifying notches or symbols on animal or brands animal with branding iron to indicate ownership.

Clamps metal rings into nostrils of livestock to permit easier handling and prevent rooting.

Grooms, clips, and trims animals for exhibition.

Docks lambs.

Shears sheep.

Cleans livestock stalls and sheds.

Maintains ranch buildings and equipment.

Plants, cultivates, and harvests feed grain for stock.

Maintains breeding, feeding, and cost records.

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