Meteorologist Resume Template Sample

Arthur L. Collins

1830 Public Works Drive
Mumbai – 37403

Career objective

Looking for a challenging position of Meteorologist in the reputed company with a view to use my wide experience for the benefit of the organization.





  • Weather forecast for Televisions, newspapers, websites and other media.
  • Collected data from satellite images, radar, remote sensors and weather stations all over the world.
  • Measured factors such as air pressure, temperature and humidity at various atmospheric levels.
  • Analysed and presented this information to customers in the form of weather briefings.
  • Coded weather reports for transmission over international networks;
  • Applied physical and mathematical relationships and sophisticated computer models to make short- and long-range weather forecasts.
  • Liaised with colleagues and clients from around the country and worldwide.
  • Investigated subjects such as: airflow in the lowest kilometre of the atmosphere; the physics of clouds and precipitation; global climate change.
  • Researched seasonal forecasting, ocean forecasting and climate prediction.
  • 2004-2008

    Senior meteorologist

  • Research and development, including programming to produce automated text weather forecasts, forecast model development and mathematical modelling of road surface temperature behavior production of short-range forecasts for road authorities and the media, and medium-range forecasts for power and energy companies.
  • Climatological and statistical work for company clients
  • giving meteorology training to company clients


  • Reading University: 1995-2001

o   PhD Meteorology

o   Research project title:

o   `The Effects of Surface Friction on Mid-latitude Cyclone Development’

o   BSc (Hons.) Mathematics and Meteorology First Class

o   Final year project (in conjunction with RMS):

o   `A Climatology of North Atlantic Storms’

o   I won the prize for best academic performance in all 3 years of my undergraduate study.

  • Westcliff High School for Boys: 1989-1995

o   A Levels: Maths A

o   Further Maths A (including statistics)

o   Physics A

o   General Studies A

o   GCSE: 9 subjects including English Lang., English Lit., Maths and Double Science

o   (all grade A)


Floyd P. Olivier


Mak Company.

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